Lucky Birth Month

Babies Born in Different Months

Do you know that the highest number of babies are born in the month of August followed by the month of July? Did you know that the highest number of dentists are born in December? And an unusual lot of musicians are born in February? Did you know that the month your baby is born affects his/her life?. You might think that astrology, numerology and horoscopes are just a waste of time without any scientific backing.

But recent studies have shown that the month you're born really can affect the rest of your life.Believe it or not, there are patterns and trends throughout the months of the year that increase your likelihood of becoming the person you are now or the personality your child is most likely to grow into . And birth month meanings don't just stop at your future career, they even affect your health and love life.

Planning to have your baby in a particular month is now slowly becoming a new fad with would-be parents. So if you are planning to expand your family then read on to choose the best month to give birth to your wonder child. If you already have one, it would help you to better understand your child and nurture them in the correct path.

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